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The Reasons that Cause Teenagers' Social Problems How often do we hear that teenager pregnancies have dramatically increased in TV, radio, and.
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I totally agree with this group of people and their suggestion. There are several reasons behind why parents are the main factor behind social mistakes of their children.

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Learning of respect does not come from the school, they need to be taught by own father and mother. For example, it is found in a survey that parents who raised and spend good time together with their school age children increase more respect for the elder person compare to who not. Another reason is that, decreasing calmness nature in kids. People frequent receiving complain about fight or misbehave in the school for their children.

This happens because of the teenager does require family oriented strictness towards their regular behaviour.

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It is possible if parents are engaging for good time with them, making understandably for the situation and explaining the pros and cons of bad behaviour. There are many reasons for these suicides. In addition to the usual stressors, gifted teenagers also confront such issues as perfectionism, societal expectation to achieve, differential development of intellectual and social skills, and impotence to effect real-world change. These kinds of difficulties sometimes make the gifted teenagers to commit suicide. Another one of the most important reasons for teenage suicide is depression.

Depression can occur due to various factors. A survey in showed that depression has a strong correlation with suicidal preoccupation than shyness, allienation, or academic performance. Also, reports said that chronic self-destructiveness in teenagers is related to depression and suicidal preoccupation. Both chronic self-destructiveness and depression are associated with suicidal ideation.

Since teenage suicide has been a burning issue, it is important to take efforts to prevent such an incident. Recently, a review of a literature indicated a need for suicide awareness and prevention programs for the early identification of teenagers at risk for suicidal behaviors. In this case, the most logical and appropriate location for suicide prevention programs and activities is in the schools where the greatest numbers can be reached.

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Since the issue is involved with teenagers, high schools are the best place to set prevention programs. Therefore, in a joint effort, school personnel and the master's-prepared psychiatric mental health nurse specialists may be able to decrease significantly the number of suicidal behaviors among adolescents. In general, those with non-verbal LDs eventually attempt suicide at some point than those without LDs.

Therefore, optometrists should be aware of patients with learning disabilities and refer them to mental health professionals when indications of depression is observed. In this way, many teenagers can be prevented from committing suicide. A few years ago, the American Academy of Child Psychiatry identified some warning signals indicating possible suicide such as: changes in eating and sleeping habits, violent or rebellious behaviors, etc.

In these kinds of situations, counselors can play a vital role for preventing suicide in teenagers. Most of the time, counselors are the first professionals confronted with symptoms or threats of suicide. They can apply coping techniques, which include anxiety reduction, creating hope, and improving adolescents' communication skills to reduce the risk of suicide. In , a journal stated some risk factors for suicide to which prevention procedures can rationally be directed.

Suicide prevention interventions include hotline and crisis services, school- based educational and screening procedures, effective treatment of suicide attempts, and minimizing opportunities for suicide. These methods may become helpful in preventing teenage suicide.

The Effects of Hard Drugs on Today's Teen Social Problems

It is sometimes very difficult to eliminate a crisis completely from the society. Likewise, teenage suicide is also not quite easy to wipe out from the American society.

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However, people in general, parents of adolescents, teachers, counselors, and other kinds of social workers can work together to fight against teenage suicide. Need a different custom essay on Social Issues? Buy a custom essay on Social Issues. Need a custom research paper on Social Issues? Click here to buy a custom term paper. Television Violence In today's society television plays a big role.

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